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How to Trade Safely

We've put together some general tips below for buying digital goods and services safely on CoinMall. There's always a chance you could be dealing with a scam, however if you follow the advice we give you, you should be safe.

CoinMall Staff will never ask you for any sensitive details such as passwords, PINs or the like.

Stay safe

1) Never release funds for goods you've not yet received

They might take your money and never send you what you’re after. Once you release funds from Escrow, we cannot protect your funds.

2) If an ad seems too good to be true, it probably is

In most cases, when an ad appears to be too good to be true, it is. Always check product reviews and item description to find out what the catch is.

3) Don't follow external links shown in the description and pictures

External links might lead to malware, phishing sites or request for payment off-site. Stay safe by not following external links.

4) Don't send money directly to the vendor, always pay through CoinMall

Scammers like to use Moneygram, Ukash and Western Union. If a vendor requests you to pay off-site using one of these payment methods, perhaps in exchange for a discount on the product, don't do it.

5) Check the reputation of the seller and reviews of the product you're buying

If a product you're interested in has many negative reviews, it probably has an issue.

6) Read the Item Description in full

Whenever you decide to purchase a product, make sure to read the full item description before placing your order to make sure there aren't any hidden surprises.

7) Beware of fake CoinMall or Escrow sites

Be suspicious. These websites may look reliable, but they’re probably run by scammers. They might take your money and never send you what you’re after. If someone pretending to be us asks for login, password or other sensitive details, don’t share anything or click any links.