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How Do I Create an IPN?

With CoinMall, you are able to create an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) with which you can perform and automate advanced actions following a buyer's purchase.

Some concrete examples of what you can achieve and automate with CoinMall's IPN:

Creating an IPN for a listing in your store on CoinMall is extremely simple. It consists of three steps:

  1. Create a store and product
  2. Navigate to your store, click on 'Update store', then click on 'Show Advanced Options' and scroll down to the IPN settings section
  3. Enable and enter your IPN URL. We currently support GET/POST/JSON and XML

That's it! You've now enabled the IPN for your store and the products within it. Whenever someone buys an item from your store, it will automatically notify you via the URL you entered in step 3.

By default, the IPN will deliver the following purchase data: product name & ID, invoice ID, price, currency, and purchase type. You can further extend this by creating custom forms which will automatically be included in the IPN. This way, you can collect a buyer's username, license code or email.

Say for example you want to automatically add a person to your private Discord channel, and you want to upgrade their forum profile on your forum after the buyer has made a payment. The following video showcases how you can do so by creating a custom form and enabling the IPN for your store.